Hello... こんにちは.. 你好... hola!

2014-05-15 14:45:24 by lexikeet

Hi Newgrounds!

We're really excited to finally be launching our first multilingual storybook and hope you guys take a chance to try it out.  Our development team at Lexikeet is a bit unique in that we're all gamers through and through, and have been following Newgrounds for many years.  Many of our team members have participated in other Newgrounds projects as well, and we're excited to be putting our first test out to see how people take to language learning through games.  If this goes well, we'd love to tackle more hardcore gaming topics as well... we just need your support :-D.

Please tell us how you'd like to learn your language of choice!

--Lexi and the team


Learn Japanese, Chinese, and Spanish at www.lexikeet.com